Metaverse Fashion

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Metaverse Fashion is “Snapchat for your clothes”! Discover hologram bling; now you can curate not only your wardrobe but a selection of artist-made holograms too. Use the Metaverse app to place holograms on your Metaverse branded items and share your photos and videos to your social media! Curious? Try it out using our online demo!

Tiffany Pattinson for Metaverse Fashion

Metaverse Fashion presents its first AR collection designed by sustainable fashion designer Tiffany Pattinson from Hong Kong.

Wear our clothing and accessories with our MM Nails APP to see 3D holograms that Pop & Sparkle!

Each Metaverse item design is a limited-edition artist commission – made exclusively for Metaverse Makeovers (MM). Every item has been individually crafted using Augmented Reality technology to enable an array of interactive holograms to fly out of your clothing and accessories.

Metaverse Makeovers® is a world-first hologram brand. Through the prism of diversity, MM actively envisions and shapes the emergent realm of the Metaverse. We do this by bringing to market magical hologram products, and futuristic immersive experiences for the mobile generation.